Monday, April 8, 2013

This was part of the Pokemon Challenge that the Illustration Student Collective (ISC) at CCAD decided to do. To check out the rest of the original 150 Pokemon that my fellow art buds did click here. This may or may not be a gallery. It was awhile ago, so I think it's just a dream of mine at this point, but by golly I hope it happens.
I'm extremely smitten still that I got to do one of my favorite Pokemon, #93 Haunter.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I've been experimenting on photoshop lately. Usually I work in illustrator because my work often takes a more graphic shape base style. I've noticed that for class work it's more stiff when I construct what I'm doing, but when leisurely sketching I create more organic shapes. For this project I got to do anything I wanted, so I took this as a chance to try out photoshop to allow myself to loosen up, and be able to critique this other style that comes out.

I went through my sketchbook for some sketches that I could use to explore a visual concept. I went through this minor obessession with otters, so my pages were cluttered with them. However, I didn't really want them to be oridinary, so they're cosmic otters. Ya know, otters that swim in the milky way.

There was a calling to try out watercolor with digital, so the background I painted and scanned in.

There was a lot of trial and error with this project, but I enjoyed every second spent on it. I really wanted this piece to be more whimsy and fun. I feel like this is a part of my personality that never shows in my work, so it was comforting to let it out in, which is starting to create a different style for me. I figured it's good to have a few ways of drawing, but keep yourself in it, so it could still be recognizable as you, but be able to shift through the media world.

Eventually, this is what I ended up turning into class. Overall, I think it's a good step for me and it leaves me smiling.