Thursday, March 28, 2013

I did an illustration that was required to be just black and white ink for editorial use. This was based off of any humorous news article I could find. When I found an article about a Batman wannabe I just knew it this would be the one. If you're curious about this story click here. It put me into a laughing fit.

These are the thumbnails  and sketches that I started with. The man invaded a crime scene and distracted the police dogs. With the article is a picture of a man you could use some Batman action for his physique. I imaged him running around, darting ridiculously behind objects, and doing absurd kung-fu moves, of course distracting the dogs. Basically, this was my idea and then I started to figure out the right composition for it.

Here I was practicing different styles of inking together. I haven't done much ink work before, so this was completely new for me. It was a challenge to do something that took place at night and has a figure clothed in black. Defiantly, looked at Batman comics and even a graphic novel about Johnny Cash, which was done all in black ink with the man in black in it, haha.

Bah-Bam! Here's the final.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I really enjoy making cards. These were my next assignment for Humorous Illustration. We were only supposed to finish two I think, but I was already giggling madly because of the fun I was having, so I made all three.

This card is because I suck at words, tell bad jokes, and don't know how to express my feelings, but gorge them down with cheese...mostly on double cheese pizza.
I have my cheesy moments, but for the most part my character doesn't have room for them. It's kind of ironic that I really like cards. Lately though, there have been some very out of the ordinary cards, which have been drawing my attention more and wanting me to send them to people.

My other card is a Halloween card. I thought about what monsters would do during Halloween. Figured they would go trick-or-treating their way...with bigger more, I suppose, disturbing snacks that I made into a cute scene. Heh.

The last card I did was one to show your love and support for anyone that you fancy. I thought circuses would be a fun and universal theme.

I'm currently in the process of re-doing the type. A friend of mine, Ryun Harrison and his classmates are organizing a little pop-up store at the local mall. They're asking for people to submit work and by a jury people will get picked to sell their work. I'm dolling up these cards with some tweaks, and going to start making some new ones. I'll be sure to start posting those updates. Seriously.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

I took a class called Humorous Illustration. I'm trying to add all my processes of my work from last semester. Maybe I'll catch up to this semester. A plan is to also start adding my doodling and sketches. Yikes, there's so much to show.

The class Humorous Illustration is basically what the title says it is. It's a class to learn how to draw different kinds of humor.
My first project was to do a caricature. At this time I was watching a ridiculous amount of Gordon Ramsay shows. I don't know what it is about that man or those shows, but I've been addicted to them since early high school. So...of course, I drew Ramsay, thinking it would eventually turn into a Hell's Kitchen ad.

My first notion of this project was to watch Kitchen Nightmares and just start drawing him.

Then I went on to thumbnails as ideas started to come as I watched the actually quite humble man explode when people are just simple idiots. Can't blame him, right? Sure gave me inspiration though.

My favorite idea was to make him like a boiling pot. At first I made his head into an actual pot and it just looked silly and unrecognizable. When paying attention to the details of his features his big ears struck the idea that I could subtlety get the idea across as a pot. Handle ears, of course.

Okay, the line drawing above became too stagnant and did not express Ramsay's highly animated self. Adding in the rest of his body was the first step. The first line drawing was close, but still felt pretty stoic and had some weird proportion and perspective issues. Finally, with the proper reference, where ever that is now, I got a 'Uncle Sam-esque' type pose going on. I didn't want it to be too bluntly related to the war poster, but it the posing did help imply authority.

This ended up being my final for the class. The background is supposed to be a meter to rate the boiling point of his anger. I wasn't too satisfied with the ending result, and felt like my long admiration for him was let down. Months later I went back and tackled it with the vigor I think Ramsay would be proud of. 
This is what was cooked up:

Showed it to my teacher when finished and he was quite pleased to see I went back to it. I'm glad I did too.

I refrained from making endless cooking puns in this post...heh.

Friday, March 15, 2013

This is my final assignment for Payne's class. The end of the semester was quite the time scrunch, and with the changes to the class being only one semester there was a need to push out a final project that would go quickly. Behold the portrait of a fictional character. I like to call this project the fanart project...oi vey.

I read Marvel's Young Avengers series last year and am currently reading the new Hawkeye reboot. There's a character in both these series named Kate Bishop who is just your average comic book rich girl turned superhero and jips Hawkeye's name. No biggie. She's kinda cool though and makes me want to be her every once in awhile, so why not pose for reference photos and draw her. Ha...

Look mom, I'm a superhero!

These are my comps. I originally thought about putting no shadows, but then it was just too plan. I also decided to try out colored line on the second comp.

And here she is. Payne kept calling her the Scarlet Witch, but no, she's the girl Hawkeye.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The next assignment after the conversation piece I did for Mr. Payne was a book cover. I instantly thought about The Great Gatsby and wanted to envelope myself into this crazy world in the 1920s. However, I didn't want to go after my first idea so I started about with Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises.

I did some thumbnails. I kept coming up with this idea to use the main themes in the story; alcohol, bullfighting, and Spain. I thought about the warm colors I could use for the Spanish cultures, which also helped with Hemingway's sun concept.

In the end I came up with a very simple idea using alocholic bottles and the bullfighting banderilleras as the rays of the sun. I really enjoy this idea and would like to finish it, but when I designed the Gatsby thumbnails and sketches I felt that was the most thought out idea to go with.

I wanted something that explained the symbolism in The Great Gatsby without giving away too much of the book. I wanted to focus on the glamorous ritz of the 1920s, art deco, and Fitzgerald's immense color symbolism. I thought about if somebody were to pick up this book with this cover on it then as they read they would associate the connections between the words and the illustration on the cover.

Went to the library afterwards and posed until my back hurt for some references that helped so much.

Layout idea sketch.

Final Layout

Color Comps. I stuck with two of Fitzgerald's colors. At first...

I was having trouble with the limited pallet, so eventually I added more of Fitzgerald's color symbols. When this one was printed I really thought I was close to the end, but as you can probably tell with the scanned in notes I found many things that could be tried or fixed. This one became a comp.

I continued on and eliminated some decorations to make it less crowded. While thinking about seeing this on a bookshelf I realized that maybe something too crowded wouldn't stand out and make someone pick it up. Also, my figure was getting overwhelming smothered.

Wallah! I shall tell Gatsby about this! Finished. Took some lovely inspiration from Leyendecker for the smoke that added an extra touch.