Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hello, hello, hello! Everyone doin' well? I'm doing quite well. Today is another day for a first semester project post. Okay so...

The third assignment that Payne gave the class was an extremely good one to learn from. We all blindly chose pieces of papers with a prompt about a conversation. Mine was a pleading for a parking ticket. This project was extremely helpful because it forced me to do something I typically wouldn't do or have thought of. The point was to make this as exciting as possible so somebody would take notice of it.

I started out with these three layouts and two ideas:

Then I realized that these are super cliche for college minds. Heh...they were amusing when I talked to others, but soon realized that I needed to expand more. Sometimes things turn out too flashy and over the top, which doesn't really test you in some circumstances.

Back to the sketchbook then, which led me to start drawing some more characters based on some advice from class. 'Mundane, but...interesting,' was my thought for the rest of this class.

Sketches for another attempt.

Reference! Thanks to Jesus who thought of and was victim of the book bag belly.

Those references led to this new composition and idea.

To the final! Aye!

This didn't go so well. I suppose it's because the whole time something felt off, but this really helped me realize the kinds of things I want to do with my style and made me realize some things about Illustrator. The program and I are friends, but we're not best friends, yet.

I went back after I got my grade and started to play around more. The first one I thought about making things more monochromatic and try to less 'complicate' some of the background items. so that what's important really stands out. I'm not sure how it's going, but it's...goin'. For me it's really important to go back to assignment and at least try something different with it. I may not complete it, because really sometimes it's just agonizing to keep it alive, but it's good to at least try something different. It really helps my learning process. So, yeah, the second one was trying out some different colors and making those colored lines work!

A funny reference photo that got booted.

One thing I learned about becoming an illustrator is that I'm going to have ridiculous reference photos of myself stashed endlessly on my computer and in folders.

Ehhhhh sexy lady
Op op op op oppan Gangnam Style...


Monday, February 18, 2013

Huzzah! Here's another post! By jove, I will keep this going. I'm channeling an inner Brit right now. Anyway, my second project for Sir Payne was a factoid. I never understand factoid projects and really try making them purposeful and fun, so I decided to take pity to show something that can happen to your beloved feline friend when he grows old, while also making it a bit humorous...heh.

Old cats can get dementia, much like how humans have alzheimers. That's my fact.

I also played around with a fact about Nikola Tesla about his beloved pigeon that he thought shot lasers from its' eyes, sending him a message, before it died in his arms. Totally romantic. Supposedly he loved that pigeon like a woman. I'm totally a Tesla fan girl and have been wanting to do uh...'fanart' about him, but I decided to put that one aside for now. I really want to make this into a poster some day.


Doodles to figure out how the elderly cat would look like.

I started with this layout of the cat with just his head. My original thought was to have these circles that spun around his head like paths he was taking around the food because older cats with dementia forget where things are. This got a bit complicated to translate. Also realized the cat started to look like the one from The Rescuers, heh. Payne suggested to amplify the character some more by exaggerating the cat's age and giving it more elderly human devices. I started the new layout sketch during class to rearrange my idea.

So, it led to this...

I decided to do more of a haze to translate what would be going on in this poor fellow's wee head. It turned out to be a lot more playful and leads your eye throughout the image more.

Found some references of some kooky cats. The last one is called 'yoda cat'.

I proceed with some color comps. The first one I had to do just flats to get the value range. The cat didn't really pop and it was just, 'okay'. I had to make him shine.

Finally, I ended up with this fine old bloke...
Now he's bright orange, demanding attention. Rawr. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

I haven't updated in an atrociously long time. Started school, but that's a pretty lackluster reason to completely stop blogging. I finished up my first semester of classes at CCAD. There were many projects that were a test for me. I was fortunate to have C.F. Payne as a teacher, who did have some very interesting points that I've taken into mind. His class really taught me to trust my gut though, something I haven't really been listening to.
So, I just finished clearing out my 'semester one' folder on my computer of the files that were taking up too much space. I had to give them the eviction notice to head to the recycling bin, cruel, but the the weaker ones had to go. Now I'm going to post the files of my process for the many projects I did over the semester. I'll post each day, then hopefully that'll catch up to semester two's projects. I'll get good at this, haha.


The first project of the semester that I had to do for Payne was a postage stamp for the state I am from, so New York. Jolly good. The research I put into it led to me wanting to draw the landscape of the state because when you say New York to somebody who is not from the state they automatically think of New York City. Yes, there's more to New York. Yes, it's actually a state, not just a city. No, I'm not from the city. Yadda, yadda.
Anyway, I wanted to draw the landscape, the Niagara Falls, beavers, and the city. I just had to figure out how or what to draw exactly.

I found some reference I wanted to use. Travel posters of the 1920s were an inspiration for what I wanted to do.


Then I did some line drawings and value studies. Payne liked the beaver the most, but I had to go complicated and do a conglomeration of New York in one stamp.

After a critique I changed a few things to the layout I selected and did a quick line drawing so I could start digitally.

This was the final that I handed into the class. It was a learning process of knowing when to stop...meaning don't overflow such a tiny subject with a bunch of stuff. Meaning I should have done the beaver. I also missed out on value on this one. Better luck next time. It was a brutal critique.

I had too many ideas. Shucks. Since when is that bad? I found out.

I went back to this project after the critique to fiddle around with it a bit more. It still has some things to improve, but I at least wanted to put some effort towards it again. It wouldn't be proper for a postage stamp, but still wanted to make the composition and subject work even if I would have to view it at a larger size.