Monday, July 30, 2012

Howdy, Comrades!

My Mac decided it needed to break it's one usb port, so it's taking a vacation. Quite sad really. I hope it likes being with the 'geniuses' at the genius bar. Hope it's drinking a pina colada. So, basically I am using my father's computer that has no photoshop or illustrator, but behold I have not seized to make art! Read ahead...

Today I was chit chatting with my bear loving friend Hannah. Our weird little conversation led us to a collaboration we're going to try out. Not sure how it's going to go since we have completely different styles, but it'll be fun and challenging. The concept is homeless superheroes, spin off of characters we all know. I sketched up two ideas so far. I wasn't sure if I wanted to created the look of the superheroes and twist their costumes to make them appear homeless or have completely outrageous character types. I tried a bit of both. Did Wolverine to look more like him, but thinking of giving him butter knives duct taped to his fists. Then I tried a short fat Batman-like fellow who is trying to crawl into a dumpster. His poor garbage bag cape broke open, spilling it's grubby contents. I like story-telling. I like creating characters in my head. They just have a hard time coming out onto paper. This little collab may help a bit, who knows....I'm just excited to work with my friend and practice on something while doing so.

Practice. That word seems to be my 'word of the day' every day, haha.

Dang nabbit, more superheroes. Where's my Mac with that upside down girl? She really needs to be finished. I still have plenty of ideas for her.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This is something I worked on back in June. Bullfighting and matadors are incredibly intriguing to me. I've always wanted to make a piece about bullfighting, especially because the colors and designs on the matador uniform are so aesthetically pleasing to my eye. I haven't interpreted the designs yet in my own way because I have reached a stand still. Any suggestions for this would be highly appreciated. I do like the ideas that are presented here. It just needs some fresh outlook.

I've done a few touch ups on the upside down girl. Added some shadow and light. May as well give an update of it little by little.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What's new in my art world life? Well, that tshirt contest I entered has postponed their rating date about three times now. Apparently, there are over 2,000 entires, so good luck to me. The voting should be up and running on July 20th. If this is true, you guys could vote for me however many times it allows you to as a birthday present. I am turning 21 on the 21st, this Saturday, whoa.

Tonight I sketched in photoshop over the sketch of the upside down girl I last posted. Her body is lacking because I got so attracted to the fun I was having while painting her hair.

I have been sketching, and regrettably have not been watching Craig Ferguson, since the last update. 
Lately, I have been sketching some environments, usually the ones around my place of work. Although, I'm going to have to start adventuring elsewhere because I've drawn most of my surrounding while on break and there's nothing to really please my eye. I've drawn the dumpster behind work many times. I'm an expert at dumpster drawing now, resume worthy.

Have you ever had a friend who you wish you could just have a pocket sized version of? This could be defined as creepy, but oddly sweet and complimentary. There is no shame when I wish I had my very own pocket Hannah with a pocket sized version of her favorite animal as her pocket companion. I'm going to work on this digitally at some point in my life timeline.