Friday, May 25, 2012

I've been busy with so many different projects. I just got a job yesterday, hired on spot. I'm not exactly sure how much of my art time is going to be taken away from me, but by god I will try my dang hardest to keep up with it. The shifts so far are long, but I'm determined to not give up my art, haha. I've finally had a really long creative streak. It's time for me to learn how to juggle.

Here's a list of all the things I have taken on this summer:

  • Collaborations with boyfriend until the end of May (includes shirt designs for future selling)
  • Marvel t-shirt design for contest (by the end of May. Not due 'til June. Arthur and I are teaming up for this)
  • Sketch Group challenges every week
  • Sketching whenever I can
  • Watch Craigy Ferg Late Late Show every day (a piece of my heart leaves when I can't keep up with the show)
  • Job
  • Staying Alive
Anyway, yesterday I took the fairy from my self portrait and made her into her own illustration. I had too much thought out line work for her to just leave it as a little decoration on my self portrait. I realized I may need to work on faces and expressions a lot more.

I also sent this to Arthur for a collaboration. He did a banner over her that says 'Believe'. I'll post it, but I'm awaiting the file so I can arrange it properly on her.


  1. Hey, did you know Justin Bieber's new album is called Believe? hahaha- also this is really cute, I like the colour pallete... very little girl bedroom wallpaper-esque (to me anyways haha)

    1. Well, I didn't come up with the 'Believe.' Arthur did! haha!
      Thanks. I figured I'd try something out of my element. I can see this with other fairies as a wallpaper border for a little girl's room :)