Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Drat, I missed a day already. Troop. Troop. Troop.
Anyway, I have another challenge that I've convinced myself to do. I'm part of a club at school called Sketch Group where a bunch of kids gather and just well, sketch. For over the summer there will be a topic every week where the members can illustrate their take on the topic. This week's topic is, of course, The Avengers. There has been so much Avengers Mania lately, rightfully so.

I've been experimenting lately with photoshop. I'm savvy with illustrator, so this summer is also dedicated to practicing photoshop. The figure, Iron Man, is a silhouette so that from this perspective it does take on a more human form than knowing it's the mechanical man. Tony Stark's most dire moment to make him a real hero was during this moment, so to me, it was when he became quite human (probably listening to the Drive soundtrack too much again.) Go Stark!

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