Friday, May 25, 2012

I've been busy with so many different projects. I just got a job yesterday, hired on spot. I'm not exactly sure how much of my art time is going to be taken away from me, but by god I will try my dang hardest to keep up with it. The shifts so far are long, but I'm determined to not give up my art, haha. I've finally had a really long creative streak. It's time for me to learn how to juggle.

Here's a list of all the things I have taken on this summer:

  • Collaborations with boyfriend until the end of May (includes shirt designs for future selling)
  • Marvel t-shirt design for contest (by the end of May. Not due 'til June. Arthur and I are teaming up for this)
  • Sketch Group challenges every week
  • Sketching whenever I can
  • Watch Craigy Ferg Late Late Show every day (a piece of my heart leaves when I can't keep up with the show)
  • Job
  • Staying Alive
Anyway, yesterday I took the fairy from my self portrait and made her into her own illustration. I had too much thought out line work for her to just leave it as a little decoration on my self portrait. I realized I may need to work on faces and expressions a lot more.

I also sent this to Arthur for a collaboration. He did a banner over her that says 'Believe'. I'll post it, but I'm awaiting the file so I can arrange it properly on her.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I decided to do some tweaking to my Avengers illustration. I had some help from some awesome people I go to school with. I'm really blessed to be around such creative people. I'm quite happy with the revisions made to this. It feels like it has a lot more weight to it now for the sense of falling.

I have been incredibly intrigued by Norse Mythology for years now, so when I got my cat four years ago I decided to name him Loki, the God of mischief. Let me tell ya,  the bugger lives up to the name. Now with all this Avengers craze it has been time for me to draw the comic Loki helmet onto my beloved cat. It was bound to happen at some point. He looks pretty dashing, yeah?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Drat, I missed a day already. Troop. Troop. Troop.
Anyway, I have another challenge that I've convinced myself to do. I'm part of a club at school called Sketch Group where a bunch of kids gather and just well, sketch. For over the summer there will be a topic every week where the members can illustrate their take on the topic. This week's topic is, of course, The Avengers. There has been so much Avengers Mania lately, rightfully so.

I've been experimenting lately with photoshop. I'm savvy with illustrator, so this summer is also dedicated to practicing photoshop. The figure, Iron Man, is a silhouette so that from this perspective it does take on a more human form than knowing it's the mechanical man. Tony Stark's most dire moment to make him a real hero was during this moment, so to me, it was when he became quite human (probably listening to the Drive soundtrack too much again.) Go Stark!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I almost forgot to post today. I knew what I had in mind to post since yesterday. Alas, I got caught up in fantasying about The Avengers as I watched it. My mind probably melted a little too as a result of 80 degree weather here in Buffalo, NY (I'm not joking. Snow. Cold. Hardy Harr). Well, here I am writing this all up at 11:36, no matter, the deed has been done.

Anyway, here's something I made a few months back. I'm a sucker for the movie Drive. I love everything about it, so I devoted an entire day of my spring break to make this. 10AM-11PM mind workout.

I also listened to the Drive soundtrack on repeat the entire time I worked on this. No regrets. I still love it.
Here's my favorite song off the album:

College | A Real Hero ft. Electric Youth

You're emotionally complex
Against the grain of dystopic claims
Not the thoughts your actions entertain
And you have proved to be
A real human being and a real hero

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Well, in this day and age there is a time for artists to adventure out into the great cyberspace world. So here I am now, amongst my artistic comrades joining them on this voyage of cyber fame.
I have recently finished my sophomore year of college at Columbus College of Art and Design as an illustration major. Summer is here, and here I am out on the back patio with my swimsuit on as I burn my legs with my scolding aluminum macbook, but by god, this pain is for art.

Here's a self portrait of myself with something I tell myself during cries of despair when no inspiration comes. Fairies help with imagination. They tell me what to do, yeah....

My summer goal is to try to post something every day. I'll be satisfied with sketches, but I'll be completely smitten if I get some full pieces done. This summer is dedicated to practice and to figure out more of my 'niche' in the illustration world.
Also, another goal is a collaboration challenge with my boyfriend Arthur Congo. We each send each other an illustration and then the other has to put typography on it and sometimes we give it an application it could be used for. It's really fun and challenging. We're going to try doing this every day until he leaves for work at a summer camp. Keep watch for some of that stuff, and possibly a blog or site dedicated to all the pieces we create.